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Yesterday and Today


Jen took this photo this past Wednesday and we think that it is an adorable photo of Arden. She is close to 8 months old now, and boy is she growing.

A few weeks ago i was looking through my mother’s photos in boxes and stumbled upon a gem of me back when I was about the same age as Arden is now. I see a small resemblance. Do you?


This was my first Christmas ever, 1975.


The Word

This is my first blog post ever. I have decided to provide mostly content of my daughter, Arden Reese, and my wife, Jen, with the occasional commentary current events, sporting news, racing news, and my favorite rock band The Beatles.  i hope that all of you enjoy what I offer, but if you don’t, piss on you.

This video is of my daughter, Arden, about a week ago, Jen and I think it is hilarious.