Monthly Archives: November 2009

A Hard Days Night

Well it has been an interesting past couple of days here. It all started back on Tuesday when I noticed a sharp pain in my backside. Not just the back side but in a very delicate area of my back side. I thought nothing of it, I chalked it up to getting older. When I woke up on Wednesday the pain was constant and wasn’t didn’t go away. The pain was tollerable and I really didn’t even notice after a while until I had to make a movement. Thursday was much of the same but I still had no major concerns, but come Friday morning I began to worry. It hurt to walk, sit (really bad), stand, #1&#2. I decided after work to go to the doctor and get checked out. I saw a general doctor and she said that I needed to see the staff surgeon. The surgeon drives from Lawrenceville to Winder to evaluate me. As soon as he checks me out he says that he wants me to have surgery to remove the rectal abcess as soon as possible. OMG! are you serious? So Jen leaves work and picks me up and takes me to gwinnett medical center and I have the surgery. I was completely sedated, under anestesia with the throat tube and everything, and I was out of surgery and awake by 10:00 pm. Well awake is a loose term. I had a 103 degree fever for a couple of hours. I also got pretty sick from the anestesia. I spent the night in the hospital Friday night and most of the afternoon Saturday too. I got home Saturday around 4:30 or 5:00 and took my prescriptions and went right back to sleep until today around 7:00 am. I am still a little queezy in my belly from the pain meds and other pills but I am getting better in that area but now I am really starting to notice the pain from the open wound in my bum. The doctors removed an abcess the size of a baby carrot and left an open wound in it’s place. It still hurts to do all of the things before but at least I will heal and be back to normal in a week or so. Weird weekend for sure.