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Ain’t She Sweet

Well now! April, May, June, July, and most of August have come and gone with no posts from me. I am very sorry for that but I have been slacking and I have no real good excuses other than that. I will let everyone know how everyone in my life is doing. Arden is a big old stinker! She is mostly walking now and not to mention the climbing! We have been calling her Tinker Knievel for the past few weeks cause that little girl has no fear what so ever. I wish that I had her enthusiasm, but then again my bones won’t heal nearly as fast as hers will. Jen is also doing really well! She is still selling wine with Northeast Sales and she is getting the itch to have more little monsters. She wants to have four or five more but I think we are gonna stop after the next one.

That is my post for now and hopefully I can keep up appearances here for ya’ll.

Later Taters.

Having some fun

Having some fun