Monthly Archives: March 2009

What Goes On

I got a great big kick out of this. Jen got the ball rolling on this activity while I washed a few dishes in the background. It was so funny to watch, I had to go get the video camera and get it up for all of you. I think I might try and break out the trombone for her next or borrow a tuba, to see how naturally she takes to them. She really like messing around with the ukelele too. We think that it is very cute.


Norwegian Wood

It snowed a lot here today. I mean a bunch. More than I have ever seen it snow in Georgia before. It accumulated 9 inches on my driveway. My power is totally out for my entire street (neighborhood). No heat! The roads are in very shitty shape and so are my nerves. I am pretty worried. We have built a fire and we are nestled, all three of us in front of the hearth. It is very nice, but I am concerned about Arden being warm enough. Bye for now.

SNOW in Northeast Georgia!!!!!


I’ve Just Seen A Face

Way back when in Febraury  of 1976,  my mother and i had a moment.  She would make this kissy face and I would imitate her.  All the kinfolk would laugh and laugh.  Of course in don’t really remember any of that but there is photographic evidence of such behavior.   It  got me to thinking,  maybe i should try this with Arden.  I was a little more than 8 months old then, so maybe she will, maybe she won’t.  Well I tried for a half hour or so and she wouldn’t do it but i will keep on trying.  


Sorry Mom.  I know you don’t like this photo, but i do.  

Love you MOM!